Enhanced biomaterials for improved fracture healing and bone repair

Advancing the current standards of bone repair

- The bone repair of tomorrow

The problem

The proportion of elderly people is growing. As we get older, the risk of bone fractures and osteogenic diseases rise. As of now, there are no optimal solution for treating bone defects and fractures.
Bone graft is widely recognized as the gold standard, but requires doners and additional surgery, which is not not always available nor optimal. There is a great need for optimal bone graft substitutes 
“All of us struggle with finding the optimal bone filler. We’re not there yet.”
“We should not only restore the defect to have a nice picture, but we should restore the healing.”

– Quotes from KOLs (orthopaedic surgeons)

Apex Global Market Study November 2016, iDataResearch Spinal Implants Market Analysis, Size, Trends

There is currently no optimal bone graft substitute

No scaffold has proven great biointegration

Our solution

Drug enhanced biomaterials for improved fracture healing and bone repair

Improved bone healing

Improved clinical outcomes and quality of life

Fewer re-operations

Reduced post-operative complication-, infection- and local recurrence rates

Large target group

Applicable to a wide range of orthopedic conditions

Cost saving potential

Reduces overall health care expenditure and societal cost

Preliminary clinical data of bone-healing effect. This is a case example of early product-stage.

Our mission and vision

Our Vision

To provide the best opportunity for bone healing and improved patient quality of life.

Our Mission

Embios develops drug-enhanced biomaterials for optimal fracture healing and bone repair.

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Our collaborators

Meet the team

Founder & CSO

Dr. Werner Hettwer

MD. PhD. | Orthopaedic Oncology Surgeon


Dennis Henriksen

PhD. | Serial Business Developer and Executive

project manager

Stefan Hermanowicz

PhD. | Biomedical Science

Marketing manager

Sonja EERo

MSc. | Brand & Communications Management

Product development

Lokapriya Nandan Basavanna

MSc. | Pharmaceutical Science

Student intern

Emil Funk Vangsgaard

BSc. | Biotechnology

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